Our client is in a strong growth phase and with our new Manufacturing and Aftermarket Services company in Timisoara, Romania we continue to strengthen our positions in the telecom business. As Purchase and Material Planner Specialist and Supervisor, you get the opportunity to part of the journey of starting a new company and developing in an international environment together with competent colleagues who are all passionate about driving the organization towards success!


As a Purchase and Material Planner specialist and supervisor you will work with a great team and be responsible for and handling day-to-day tasks within purchase and material planner areas.

What we’re looking for:

·        Highly skilled in Purchase and Material Planning.

·        Positive attitude and highly motivated.

Responsibilities includes but are not limited to:

·        Predicting the level of demand for goods from the relevant department.

·        Lead the identification and selection of new suppliers, including structuring requirements; proposal reviews; analysis of the cost value of the supplier's products and/ or services.

·        Monitor material availability and supplier commitments and ensure alignment.

·        Proactively identify and manage risks related to supplier performance.

·        Carry out a process of control over all work processes and performance of staff in the Purchasing department in accordance with predetermined procedure.

·        Checking products or services that have been received or completed in terms of quantity and quality to ensure that they meet the required specifications.

·        Coordinate with users to determine the specifications of the goods that best suit their needs.

·        Ordering materials, equipment, and services needed for operations.

·        Follow up with vendors or suppliers regarding the suitability of the schedule for entry of goods as stated in the PO (Purchase Order).

·        Ensure that the issued Purchase Order (PO) is appropriate and correct and follow up to ensure that payment for goods or services is in accordance with procedures and agreements.

·        Analyze the market with respect to business division targets and requirements as well as prepare and update the supplier matrix, prepare qualified supplier evaluations.

·        Build alternative suppliers to reduce costs, achieve technical, quality, and other defined targets, according to business division requirements in agreement with cross functional responsible involved.

·        Implementation and supporting preparation of a purchasing strategy for the material group in defined strategy team and establish a standard and optimized supplier basis to realize synergies by bundling purchasing volume, concentrating on efficient suppliers, and optimizing the process chain.

·        Define material cost changes (budgeting) in agreement with superior to create an aligned planning basis and to achieve business division objectives.

·        ERP system cost maintenance.

·        Sample price negotiation triggered by new project needs, stock discrepancies etc.

·        Creation and participation in the supplier development strategy.

·        Supporting the SQE in performing supplier evaluation and being the escalation point for supplier blocking points.

·        Verifying, from a commercial point of view, purchase contracts and clarifying certain details of the contract (in collaboration with other departments, i.e. Legal).

·        Maintain active communication with suppliers, to prevent or to solve any problems, negotiation, and implementation of contractual terms.



What you need to get the job done:

·         3-5 years’ experience in a similar position.

·         Bachelor’s degree in university.

·         Experience of ERP systems, like Business Central or similar systems.

·         Good computer skills using MS Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook).

·         Good multitasking ability within details, data auditing and quality control.

·         Good interpersonal skills and proven ability to work well with all levels of management and staff.

·         Good time management, communication, and problem-solving skills.

·         Good English in listening, speaking and writing.

·         Honest and fully responsible person.




 For more details send us your CV at timisoara@prohuman.ro.