Industrialization Engineer is a member of the Project team, the Industrialization

Engineer is appointed as Process Engineer in charge of developing the standards for

new types of products and/or technologies on the basis of 2S2D (simple, solid,

doable, durable) and in compliance with QCD objectives (quality, cost, delivery


- Member of the Project team as of the launching process.  

- Takes active part in the design of new products in order to ensure the

product’s feasibility (product FMEA, plan reviews…).

- Manages the expected tasks in the Quality Plan of the project and elaborates

the process standards (Block, FMEA, PDS, Specification etc.) by drawing up

« blocks » and « standardization and capitalization sheets».

- Responsible for the process consistency in compliance with the

specifications, in conjunction with the Project Manager, and/or the Product

Line Industrialization Manager.

- Takes an active role in technical meetings and project reviews.

- May be required to participate in FMEA resources. 

- Takes an active part, in conjunction with the Process Engineer, in the action

plan of product/process adjustment as well as the validation of technical

choices of new processes. 

- Participates in the selection of suppliers of new production resources,

monitors the selection process and validates the approval process. 

- May be required to travel to other manufacturing plants. 

- Leads the capitalization of know-how process on his/her area of activity and

ensures the cross-functional collaboration by analyzing complaints, lessons

learned, scrap, etc.  

- May have to coach a team of Industrialization Technicians and/or undertake a

part of their missions, depending on the project complexity and his/her


- May have to undertake advanced research themes or productivity

enhancement projects.

Qualifications and Experience:

Engineering diploma of technical type and minimum 3-years of experience in a

similar function, experience in Engineering, Production or Development in the

industrial field.

Professional skills:

- Organizational skills, ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team, decision

making capabilities, analytical and synthetic thinking, rigor, respect for

confidentiality, initiative.

- Interpersonal skills, ability to coordinate project meetings, firm compliance

with QCD targets, ability to run reaction plans when shifts occur.

- Knowledge about plastic injection processes and robotics.

- Perfect command of engineering procedures and standards Quality systems.

- Proficient user of Microsoft Office.

- Fluency in English.

- High availability for travel abroad


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phone: +40747411595